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Which things in my home count as Contents?

There's more to your Contents cover than just your TV and your sofa. You may be surprised to learn what other things can count as Contents on your home insurance.

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Contents cover more than just your TV and sofa

Exactly what counts as Contents can vary slightly by insurer, but expect a good Contents policy to cover the following items that belong to you and that are kept within the home:

  • aerials (TV, radio etc)

  • bicycles

  • camping equipment

  • clothes

  • digital downloads

  • food kept in your fridge and freezer

  • freestanding furniture

  • gold, silver and other precious metals

  • household goods (washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers etc)

  • jewellery

  • luggage

  • metered water

  • money

  • satellite dishes

  • sets of stamps, coins and medals

  • sports equipment

  • watches

  • works of art

Some policies will also treat some things outside the home but that are still within the boundary of your home as Contents, so things like:

  • lawns

  • plants

  • shrubs

  • trees

  • central heating oil stored in a tank

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