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Which parts of my home count as Buildings?

There's more to your Buildings cover than just the walls and the roof. You may be surprised to learn what other things count as Buildings on your home insurance.

Building a wall
Buildings covers more than just the bricks and mortar

Exactly what counts as Buildings can vary slightly by insurer, but expect a good Buildings policy to cover the home itself, comprising the walls, roof, doors and windows, plus the following within the boundary of the property:

  • cables

  • central heating fuel storage tank

  • domestic garages

  • drains

  • drives

  • fences

  • fitted wardrobes

  • fixtures and fittings including kitchens and bathrooms

  • footpaths

  • garden/boundary walls

  • garden rooms

  • gates

  • greenhouses

  • hedges

  • patios

  • permanently fixed hot tubs

  • pipes

  • septic tanks

  • service tanks

  • sheds

  • solar panels

  • swimming pools

  • tennis courts

  • terraces

It's worth bearing in mind just because it's counted as part of the Buildings, it doesn't necessarily mean a claim for damage to it would be covered. Fences, gates and hedges for example are typically excluded for damage caused by storm.

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