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Do I need breakdown cover for my electric car?

With far fewer moving parts on an electric car than on a traditionally-fuelled one, there might be less that can go wrong with it to stop you moving, but breakdown cover might still be useful.

Electric car charging
Breakdown cover is for more than just running out of electric

The whole point of breakdown cover is to get you going again if something happens to your car, such as getting a flat tyre. And when it comes to electric vehicles, whether full electric or hybrid models, those things can still happen.

Breakdown companies have pretty much always covered people for running out of petrol or diesel, and that's no different now for cars that run on electric. Some breakdown providers will give you a quick boost at the roadside so you can get to a charging station, or they'll tow you to the nearest one. Either way you should be back on your way in no time.

If range anxiety is something that holds you back from heading off on those longer journeys, then maybe breakdown cover will help provide that safety blanket so you know someone will come and help if you do run out of juice before you can get to a charging point.

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