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What is an insurance Defaqto rating?

Defaqto (not Defacto as they are sometimes mistakenly called ;)) review the majority of the insurance market and look at insurance providers features and benefits and give it a rating. The rating is out of 5 stars, with 5 being the very best going all the way down to a 1 star rating. The insurance product will also get an overall Defaqto score as well as the individual features and benefits. Defaqto independently review and analyse the market, constantly carrying out reviews to pick up any changes so that consumers see up-to-date ratings.

Although the star ratings are a great starting place to give you an at-a-glance view as to the quality of an insurance product, it's only an indicator of the overall product performance. A five star rated product doesn't necessarily mean the product scores a 5 in all features and benefits, it could score low in some areas but sufficiently high across others to still earn an overall 5 star rating. As we always say, it's important you compare individual products carefully when looking for a new policy.

You can check the star ratings at

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