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Do I need travel insurance for a UK staycation?

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Taking holidays within the UK has never been more popular

Current and future pandemic restrictions means that holidaying abroad could come with further testing, jab status, quarantine, holiday party group limits etc - the last things anyone wants to contend with when seeking a relaxing break! This has resulted in a keen interest for many Brits wanting to discover what is available within our own shores.

How can my home insurance provide me with some elements of cover?

This all depends on what things and circumstances you want covering. A good home insurance policy may cover you for your personal belongings out and about for loss or theft. You can also be covered for accidental damage to such items, so if your phone falls out of your pocket while rambling, you may have cover in place. If you have home insurance but are not currently covered for personal belongings and accidental damage, it may be cheaper to upgrade your home insurance to the higher level of cover, rather than getting a separate travel insurance policy, if this is the only cover you are really concerned with. Plus you'll get the benefit of year-round cover even when you're not on a UK break away from home (There are surveys out there that say, 1 in 4 people don’t take out travel insurance when they go on holiday. I wonder how many people could have actually being covered under their home insurance product for all loss, theft or damage to their personal possessions). It may even be worth cancelling with your current provider and finding an alternative insurance. Getting a quick quote is never simpler, you can see what is available via

Why would I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is much more than covering your personal belongings. It also covers you in case of a medical emergency. You might not need medical cover if you are having a UK staycation, due to our fantastic NHS. But, if you are travelling abroad it can be a hugely valuable benefit as medical costs can be extremely expensive. Travel insurance cover may also cover you for cancelling or cutting short your trip due to unforeseen circumstances which can valuable for holidaying in and out of the UK. You need to weigh up what works for you before deciding to go down the home or travel insurance route. The decision is absolutely for you to decide. CoverWiki’s aim is to provide you with information you might not necessarily be aware of so you can make a more informed choice before buying any cover.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19: It is still worth understanding what an insurance provider is willing to cover in response to the pandemic. We have written an article dedicated to answering some of these questions: If you have any specific questions that are fairly unique to your situation, either get in touch with the insurance provider directly or why not submit the details to CoverWiki using the 'Ask an Underwriter’ form on our home page.

Excess: Please also understand what excess you would pay to your home or travel provider if you were to submit a claim as this can be useful to know before submitting a claim. There’s no point trying to claim for an £80 deposit if you have an excess of £100.

Trip or annual cover: If you are lucky enough to be holidaying upwards of 2 or 3 times a year, it may be worth looking into an annual policy which may be significantly cheaper than buying a per trip policy every time you travel. Annual multi-trip policies will often also cover UK trips that are for at least 2 nights at pre-paid accommodation, but check the policy covers before you buy.

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